….and then I connected the dots!

First post…aaaahhhhh. What would it be?
How  I ended up connecting the dots? or my personal ironman 2013. You are about to read a true story….so get yourself a bowl to collect your tears!

The road to creating Connecting the Dots was if I may say….full of interviews – seriously, I would risk it and say that I may be applicable for Guinness record 🙂

Really, in some cases 4-5 in one company and then a fountain of reasons…..the opening was cancelled, an employee commit suicide (dead serious), a candidate “smash” landed by an investor 2 seconds before signing a contract… say it, I have been through it.
And yes, there were a few cases that there wasn’t a match…..I admit, I am not perfect!! Here, I said it out and loud! (not sure my mother would agree with that).
Thankfully, I am slightly cynical (thanks dad) and optimistic from birth.
So together with a bit of self-confidence, many endorsements by colleagues, managers, clients, friends and family along the way and apparently the “Aura” of independence – I am here.
I am here to Connect the Dots.

Connecting the dots is about many things. But it is mainly about remembering that all users/customers/clients are people. Yep, I can hear a few of you humming in distress saying: “that’s obvious” or “goes without saying” – yet the obvious becomes sometime not so obvious when a company enters the fast track in the mega digital automated world of today. I am here to try and return the essence.

I am not here to say I know it all or to say that no one else does – most people I meet (mainly entrepreneurs) are great, intelligent, smart,  full of charisma – but when you are on the run towards the 42.2 km finish line (in a start-up for example), even then you can sometimes miss the water pit…..

And that’s why I am here….to create a story, an experience, a feeling, to make sure that when shooting in all directions there still is a connection – the product to the brand, the team to the brand, the team to the users, the users to the brand and so on.

If I could be a bit descriptive,  even when you see 3 dots….you instinctively  know it can be a triangle but if you look better and deeper you see that those 3 dots are a part of many other dots that are waiting to be revealed and it’s not a triangle, it’s actually an elephant.

So maybe it’s time to look for the elephant?

Good luck to you all,
The Dots Connector