Some anecdots about me

  • Raising kids is like working on your own brand, you need to get them to the highest quality possible, enhance their advantages so when they hit the road as adults, they will ROCK! Just like any product your company has. (Sorry, kids!)
  • I am many things: a person, a mother, a friend and more. I am a great marketerstrategist with an edge, with a twist, bold. I am me.
  • I am an expert in stimulating minds and creating attractive solutions.
  • A good brain storm gets me going.
  • Even in this fast-track digital instant world, it still is and will always be about people.
  • Each company I work with brings me energy like its first time.
  • I am a dot connector – I look at all ingredients – R&D, product (UX, UI), market, channels,  sales and so on and connect between them in a way that enhances presence and eventually increases your sales. I create a story.
  • I bake. Therefore you better start a diet.